Your In-House Team

Pidapi is a team of specialists who breathe, sleep and dream about Amazon. The landscape of Amazon is in constant motion and fluctuation. It’s crucial to have someone in your corner who is on the Amazon platform every single day and knows the intricacies of handling the many complex issues that can arise. That’s where we come in, acting as your in-house team to handle all aspects of Amazon.

Quinton Cranford

Amazon Specialist & Founder

Daniel Gonzalez

Amazon Specialist & Co-Owner
alex hernandez head of sales for amazon agency

Alex Hernandez

Head of Sales

Kendall Harbison

Marketing Coordinator

Kodiak Cranford

Marketing Intern

Anthony Capito

Content Creator


More Time

Let the experts manage Amazon and free up your time to focus on bigger aspects of your business.


95% of brands aren’t maximizing their revenue potential on Amazon.

Save Money

Hiring a true Amazon specialist will cost anywhere between $60,000-$100,000 not to mention employee taxes and benefits. On top of that, Amazon management alone is oftentimes not a full-time workload even for sellers doing over $10,000,000 annually.

The most cost-effective solution is to work with a team like Pidapi through which you will have access to a team of specialist as opposed to one individual with limited resources.



“Finally, a company that cares about results. In the past 7 years we have engaged with no less than 4 different companies and have challenged many more that claim to have the magic sauce when it comes to increasing Amazon sales.

Pidapi has successfully increased our sales by over 30% year over year, while decreasing our ACoS and fees, resulting in an increase in profit margins.

If you are not satisfied with your Amazon sales, and you’d like some help, give Pidapi a call.”

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