Pidapi in an Amazon agency that specializes in helping brands and manufacturers grow their sales and net profits on Amazon’s marketplaces by taking a data-oriented and ROI driven approach. We tailor each program to our client’s specific needs. This allows us to be a successful Amazon Marketplace Partner for your business.

Amazon Account Management

Whether you’re a new or established Amazon seller and/or vendor, having a team in place who can handle all aspects of Amazon is essential to dominating your products’ marketplace. That is why we’ve built a team of Amazon experts who can cost-efficiently manage and scale your Amazon sales. Building a winning team inhouse is expensive and may not be cost-efficient for your organization. When partnering with Pidapi you get a team of ROI and data driven experts who specialize in Amazon:

Search Engine
Optimization (SEO)

Product Listing
Management & Optimization

Campaign Management


Tax Collection


Brand Management

Customer Service


We do it all. No high overhead, worrying about if you’re doing the wrong or right thing, and being behind the competition. With Pidapi you’ll skip past the learning curve that takes companies years to figure out and even sometimes never figure out.

Amazon Advertising
Campaign Management

Advertising on Amazon is powerful. We approach Amazon advertising as a revenue stream and not an expense. By understanding your products’ profit margins, we create and scale profitable custom advertising campaigns that will help you generate net new profits on a monthly basis.

Product Display Ads

On detail pages Shopper-interest and product-targeted

Headline Search Ads

Above search results Keyword-targeted

Sponsored Products

Within search results Keyword-targeted

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) & A+ Content

Content is king in marketing and on Amazon too. Our team will create stunning branded product listings designed to convert, index and stand out from competitors. You won’t need to hire copywriters, photographers, graphic designers, and videographers.


Amazon has thousands of policies that are always in motion, making it difficult to stay current on what’s best practice. Whether you’re a small business launching on Amazon for the first time, or a seasoned seller looking to increase your sales and profit margins, it’s important to have someone in your corner that works on Amazon every single day.

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